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2013 news

December 2013

SCORE has responded to the Department for Education consultation on A-level subject content in biology, chemistry and physics. The consultation response forms part of wider SCORE activities on A-level reform, and refers to SCORE's forthcoming response to the Ofqual consultation on new A-level regulatory requirements. Read full response and appendices here:

Other news

SCORE continues to raise concerns surrounding the impact of changes to Subject Knowledge Enhancement course allocations on the uptake of subject specialist training in the sciences. In a letter to Michael Gove SCORE recommends that 'providers of SKE courses be permitted to recruit trainees up to 16 months before the courses begin to accomodate the needs of all ITE applicants'. David Laws, Minister of State for Schools, replied to SCORE's letter and the Committee look forward to working to provide solutions to the questions raised.

Read the correspondence

SCORE Chair, Julia Buckingham, statement in response to the release of the Ofsted Science survey report (November 2013)

SCORE responded to the Department for Education consultation on 16-19 Accountability on 20 November. Read the response here.

SCORE responded to the Department for Education consultation on Primary Accountability and Assessment on 11 October. Read the response here.

On 16 September Julia Buckingham wrote a letter to Chief Regulator at Ofqual, Glenys Stacey. The letter expresses SCORE's concerns over the A-level reform process, and the way in which SCORE was reported as a contributor to Professor Smith's report on A-level content.

Read the Ofqual response from Glenys Stacey, received on 7 October here.

The National Curriculum key stages 1-3 has been published by the Department for Education. On 8 August SCORE wrote a Letter to Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Education and Childcare on National Curriculum review process and submitted a response to the final consultation review. Read the SCORE response here.

SCORE has released a statement on A-level reform. This press release outlines SCORE involvement in the A-level reform process to date, and presents the SCORE view on announcements made by the Department for Education and Ofqual on 6 September 2013. Read the statement.

SCORE has written a letter to the Telegraph newspaper regarding practical work in science education. The letter supports concerns raised by the Council for Science and Technology on practical assessment and reiterates the SCORE position towards practical work.

SCORE has submitted a response to the Ofqual consultation on GCSE reform. (3 September 2013)

SCORE has submitted a response to the Department for Education consultation on GCSE subject content. The SCORE response overview contains overarching comments. The appendices contains subject-specific comments from SCORE member organisations. SCORE will also be responding to the parallel Ofqual consultation on GCSE reform on 3 September.

On 8 August, SCORE submitted a response to the final consultation on the proposed National Curriculum new programmes of study and attainment targets for key stages 1 to 3. SCORE has been involved in the process of review formally and informally as an advisory group since 2011. During that time SCORE has taken the opportunity on a number of occasions to highlight areas within the science curriculum that require development and has commented on the way in which the re-drafting of the curriculum has been conducted. Read the SCORE response overview and member organisation appendices on the consultation responses page.