This website is no longer being updated, but all our publications and documents are still available to read. Please visit our own websites for up-to-date news about our science education policy activities.

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Policy themes

For information, policy statements, reports and updates on SCORE's work in these policy areas please click on the sub-headings below.


SCORE's work on the curriculum has been focused on the last Review of the National Curriculum announced by the former Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove in 2011. SCORE has also carried out research into the resourcing of practical work in schools. 

Qualifications and assessment

SCORE's work in this area aims to ensure that assessment and qualifications in science are fit for purpose and help to ensure that students can acquire both an authentic experience of science and the skills and knowledge needed for progression to a variety of destinations.  

School and college workforce

All learners should have the opportunity to be taught by high quality teachers of the sciences with expertise in the subject area they teach, and for teachers to be supported by high quality technicians and teaching assistants.